Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax  Estate or personal possessions come in various forms—tangible or intangible assets, personal properties, life insurance, savings accounts, etc.—everything within a person’s net worth. When given as inheritance, all these will be imposed with inheritance tax, which is why estate planning is crucial.

There are two ways to create your estate plan—wills or trusts. To determine which is best for you, seek professional advice. Certain cases will require that you include both in your estate planning.

how it works

how it works

Why Hire Us?

Estate planning is not just for retirees, contrary to the most common misconception. Life remains unpredictable and you would want your possession handed down to the right persons or cause (e.g., charities) without much hassle as possible.

Upon receiving your assets, your trustees will have to pay inheritance tax. The best way you can reduce the tax they have to pay is by obtaining trusts, which come in various types. Let tax professionals at Legend Financial help you decide which is best for your situation.


Don’t wait to grow your assets before planning for your estate. Legend Financial is here to help you with planning your estate and get charged with lesser inheritance tax. Talk with one of our tax professionals today to get a quote on this service.

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