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Every year, several people and companies pay taxes over the odds due to lack of taxation advices and improper tax planning. This tax represents a substantial part of your trades. Furthermore, the increasing obligations, rigid investigation policies and penalties for non-compliance could take ample time and resources to collect the revenue for the government.

Therefore, we help our customers by offering business and personal tax services allowing them to know what is rightfully due on them in the most reasonable possible way and provide a range of services to minimize their tax liabilities so relieve them from the burden of administrative work and tax legislation.


Taxes are embedded with almost every business transaction which requires the need of optimal tax planning. Tax regulations are complex and ever changing. 

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There could be various reasons to seek help in paying your personal taxes. Either you are a sole trader, management director of any corporation, or an investor, you may need to complete personal tax returns every year.

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"Legend Financial have provided excellent service. I had many queries whilst growing my company and they provided excellent and timely advice. They have been very responsive and helpful, and information has been clearly provided. I would give 5 stars. There have been a couple of instances where I have had to contact my accountant to get the information."

Adnan Qureshi

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