Wealth Management

Wealth management is an arrangement where you agree your money or investments are managed by a third party, which could be implemented in two ways—discretionary or advisory. Discretionary service manages your financial investments according to your instructions while advisory service gives you suggestions based on your behavior toward taking risks and handling situations.

Whether to use discretionary or advisory service depends on how involved you want in managing your portfolio. Discretionary service may be more efficient than the other for with advisory, processes tend to get delayed given the wealth manager needs approval from the client in every step.

how it works

How It Works

Why Hire Us?

When your wealth is managed properly, you will not have to worry about your finances in a world constantly in flux. The right wealth management will secure you meet your present financial goals and not worry about your future financial status. Our tax professionals at Legend Financial can give you strategic ways to manage your portfolio that fit your present wealth situation.


Let tax professionals at Legend Financial assess your financial situation to determine the right wealth management strategies for you. Reach us today so we can begin securing your finances all at the right price. Feel free to ask us a quote.

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