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Financial modelling represents the operational characteristics of a business. It includes the business valuation, budgeting, capital investment, management decision making, finance reports analysis, and evaluating the total expenditure of the company. These models are the best to represent the real value of any firm to its stakeholders.

We utilize our sector knowledge, industry experience and technical capability in all areas of financial modelling and offer a unique combination of these skills to our customers.

We ensure to give outstanding client’s services with innovative ideas and optimum solutions to critical situations. We believe in customer service and our customers believe in us.

Switching accountant is simple

Step one

Speak with us and we’ll get to know you and your business’s financial position. During the initial meeting we will present you with a tailored service package, which will allow us to maintain a strong relationship and help you achieve both your personal and business targets.

Step Two

After the initial meeting, we’ll give you a detailed quote to ensure you understand the services we are providing you. Then, we’ll ask you to sign a letter of engagement and provide us with the details of your former accountant. We will contact them to obtain professional clearance, financial details, and we’ll start our onboarding process.

Step Three

The third step is simple – just sit back and let us do the work, ensuring you meet your financial objectives and targets. An account manager will be assigned to you, and as your first point of contact for any queries you have, they will provide the first-class service you deserve.



“Legend Financial have provided excellent service. I had many queries whilst growing my company and they provided excellent and timely advice. They have been very responsive and helpful, and information has clearly been provided. I would give 5 stars. There have been a couple of instances where I have had to contact my accountant to get information.”

Adnan Qureshi

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