financial modelling

Annual Accounts & Corporation Tax ReturnFinancial modeling shows how a business’s finances operate in the future, which is determined through business valuation, budgeting, capital investment, management decision-making, financial reports analysis, and evaluating the total expenditure of the company.

These models are used to represent the real value of any firm to its stakeholders. New business endeavours especially need to estimate the impact and profits they’ll possibly generate to make the best decisions.

The most commonly used financial model among businesses is the three-statement modeling that includes discounted cash flow, forecast financial modeling, and budget financial modeling, in which analyses are aimed at increasing cash flow.

how it works

how it works

Why Hire Us?

Financial modeling requires solid analysis to accurately determine how a business will do financially in years to come, which is something Legend Financial has done for more than a decade. We can help you analyze the past and present financial record of your business to accurately draw its financial performance in the future and be prepared for any relevant challenges.


Legend Financial ensures we provide financial modeling services accurately and efficiently at a fair price. Don’t hesitate to ask us how much we charge for this service.

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