Start Up

Start UpNew businesses have yet limited resources to cope with start up demands, including compliance matters, administrative documents, tax-efficient way of working, risk management, business strategy, and decision making. All these can be overwhelming for businesses that are just starting up, which is why in this phase, partnering with business experts is crucial.

Venturing on a start up business, you have all the good intentions—making it grow to its highest potential, gaining more customers, etc., and it’s good to start right. Expert advice is everything your business needs for a kickstart and to become successful in the long run.

how it works

How it works

how it works

How it works

Why Hire Us?

Legend Financial has the right team to guide you from the start-up to competing with other entities in the industry for greater profits. We work closely with you to design and implement the right structure for your business. Our team aims to help you progress as we believe that our progress lies in yours.

Why hire us?


Handling every start up need of your business all at once can be overwhelming. Let this phase be less hassling for you. Legend Financial provides all the guidance you need for your new business at a cost-effective price.

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