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Starting a new venture and dreaming to become a business tycoon is new ambition of the generation. Having said that, some may have been touched the pique through outstanding ideas and up to the mark implementation, but some are or have been facing difficulties in establishing their start-ups. Whatever the reason would be, there are numerous dangers in kicking off a business when you are a newbie in the pool as there are some administration and reporting jobs that requires proper planning and expert advisory.

We help our clients take the decision by giving them apt advices and proper plans for their businesses. We offer corporate valuation, gift, estate, and income tax valuation, buy-sell agreement valuation, financial reporting valuation, ESOP and ERISA valuation services, litigation, expert consulting, transaction-related needs, such as merger and acquisition advisory, fairness opinions, and strategic alternatives assessment. We have provided valuation services to all types of business and have witnessed them become more strengthened.

Switching accountant is simple

Step one

Speak with us and we’ll get to know you and your business’s financial position. During the initial meeting we will present you with a tailored service package, which will allow us to maintain a strong relationship and help you achieve both your personal and business targets.

Step Two

After the initial meeting, we’ll give you a detailed quote to ensure you understand the services we are providing you. Then, we’ll ask you to sign a letter of engagement and provide us with the details of your former accountant. We will contact them to obtain professional clearance, financial details, and we’ll start our onboarding process.

Step Three

The third step is simple – just sit back and let us do the work, ensuring you meet your financial objectives and targets. An account manager will be assigned to you, and as your first point of contact for any queries you have, they will provide the first-class service you deserve.



“I have been a client of Legend Financial for quite a while and I am pleased to say I am very satisfied with services they provide. Very competent highly professional & proactive. They have matured methods of work & systems in place. I don’t have to chase them to get my work done instead I get chased up as and when my accounts are due.”

Ahsan Tahir

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