Value Added Tax (VAT)

In the UK, most services and goods are charged with VAT (Value Added Tax). Only those businesses that are registered with the HMRC can charge their customers with it. These sales are then called “VAT-able” or “taxable” sales.

Businesses in the UK with an overall profit of £85,000 or more that is non-VAT-exempted are required to register for VAT and comply with the regulations or they get fined. On the other hand, registering for VAT is a choice for businesses that have sales less than this amount.

It pays to have your business VAT-registered. Aside from being able to claim refunds, displaying that you are VAT-registered can improve the image of your business, adding to its credibility and many other benefits.

Get Helpful Property VAT Advice

Whether to register for VAT or not depends on the kind of property. Usually, you pay VAT for commercial properties, furnished holiday lettings, massive building work, and some types of residential properties. We give you helpful advice about VAT on property, especially how to save on it and claim a refund.

how it works

how it works

Why Hire Us?

VAT seems simple to handle but due to its transactional nature, it can be complicated for businesses to comply with VAT regulations on their own. Our dedicated and highly experienced team has a broad range of skills as a result of working in practice, industry, and the HMRC. Legend Financial can help you remain compliant with VAT rules and regulations, claim any available reliefs, and avoid errors and penalties due to non-compliance.


We provide VAT-related services at a cost-effective price. Don’t hesitate to ask us for a quote.

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