Certain circumstances require you to pay your income tax first through Personal Assessment Tax Return, otherwise called Self-Assessments, and not through the PAYE system. Ask a tax professional whether your situation requires you to pay income tax or not.

Usually, you are obliged to pay your tax through Self-Assessment when you are self-employed, a business partner, a company director not paying tax through PAYE, a recipient of pension scheme or trust, earn from a property exceeding £2,500, have savings that exceeds £1,000 every year yet untaxed, etc.

how it works

how it works

Why Hire Us?

Filing for Self-Assessments tax return can be a hassle on your part. Legend Financial can guide you throughout the process—from filing your tax return, calculating your tax liability, guiding you through paying your taxes, and more. Overall, we streamline and make the process error-free for you.


Legend Financial is here to assist you all throughout fulfilling your tax duties, from filing your self-assessments to paying your income tax. Feel free to ask us for a quote on this service.

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