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Serving in the industry for more than a decade, Legend Financial knows exactly how frustrating taxes can be. That is why we are here—to give you expert business and personal taxation services in Stratford and guarantee your peace of mind that competent professionals are handling your taxes.

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Tax season, the time of filing returns and making payment, is just always around the corner, and unfortunately, it is every accounting year! Legend Financial and Tax Advisers is here for you in these stressful times. We know all the ins and outs of UK taxes, having dealt with various clients from all walks of life on a daily basis. For more than a decade, we have encountered all the taxation challenges there are and solved them with ease. Navigate the world of taxes with us and join our hundreds of satisfied clients today!

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When it comes to UK taxation services, one of the top brands in the UK stands out—Legend Financial. Renowned for excellence and getting the job done quickly, we have gained a lot of loyal clients over the years. It is our goal to make you tax-compliant all the way and prove you trustworthy in the eyes of HMRC! 

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Received a notice for tax investigations in London? Save your time—entrust this stressful and expensive process with us!

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Expanding overseas is no small feat, given the expanding overseas tax. Leave the complex part to our experts!

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Do not wait for tax planning until old age. The earlier you do, the better you can manage your wealth.

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Whilst there are many types of taxes in the UK, three types are the most common and bring the most revenue to HMRC— income tax, national insurance contributions, and value-added tax. 

Renting out a property, earning capital gains/income, or expanding a business overseas may be subject to taxes twice (in the UK and the country of your residence) when the country you live in is not subject to “double taxation agreement” with the UK.

Once the value of your estate exceeds £325,000, you will be subject to a 40 per cent trust inheritance tax (IHT). This is a hefty amount, so if you are an estate owner, the earlier you do estate and trust planning, the more estate trust wealth you can bequeath to your loved ones. Inheritance tax trust estate planning makes this possible.  

There are several ways you can reduce your capital gains tax liability, from using the threshold, gifting assets to spouse, buying and selling within the family, to making pension or charity contributions, and more.

You can claim a UK tax refund within four years from the end of the tax year when the overpayment occurred. If you miss this time limit, you would not be able to request a refund for that tax year as it becomes “closed” to claims. 



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