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R&D can be the most expensive project your business may ever initiate, as coming up with new or improved products, services, or processes necessitates advanced software, technology, and staff. Expenses are upfront, and ROI may not be sure. An R&D tax credit exists for this purpose. It is our goal to propel you to greater heights, and acting as your R and D tax intermediary allows us to do so. Whether you are an SME or a large business about to make an investment for research and development, Legend Financial’s R&D tax services have got you covered!

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Premier R&D Tax Credit Services Hounslow, London

Are you ready to embark on innovation and move your business forward? The government is most willing to provide support! When a UK business pioneers a scientific research and experimental development program, it boosts the UK economy, and its success becomes everyone’s. Legend Financial’s R&D tax consultants will help you seamlessly obtain an R and D tax incentive!

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FAQs for R&D Services

SMEs can claim up to 21.5p per £1 R&D project expense, whilst large businesses claim up to 20p per £1 spent.  

Since 1 April 2023, a new R&D tax reform took effect, focusing on the UK tax base territory. Credit incentives now only apply to UK-based R&D activities.  

Companies liable to corporation tax get a reduced tax bill, whilst self employed individuals who pay income tax can either receive the incentive via tax reduction or cash payment. 

Overseas or non-resident businesses with a permanent establishment branch in the UK can qualify for R&D tax support only when they pay corporation tax and work on innovation projects within the UK. 

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