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Looking to raise capital for your business? See if the government’s equity finance schemes are suitable for your company. The seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS) caters to eligible startups, whilst the enterprise investment scheme (EIS) helps qualifying SMEs. Obtaining venture capital is not always easy, as investors look for anything but high-risk investment. Once HMRC grants approval, early-stage companies can attract investors, the latter enjoying tax breaks at a certain level, even up to exemption! Legend Financial is here to liaise for both businesses and investors in reaching their goals. Talk to us today to see how we can help!

Ensuring Scheme Compliance in Businesses and Tax Breaks for Investors

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SEIS and EIS schemes are generous to both businesses and investors—respectively, startups can raise up to £250,000 and medium-sized up to £12 million within a set timeframe from issuance throughout their company’s lifetime. Investors, on the other hand, get tax breaks—SEIS investments lead to 50% income tax relief whilst EIS 30%. Investors in any of the schemes pay zero capital gains tax, and if they suffer a loss in their investment, they are given loss relief. Legend Financial helps businesses comply with HMRC’s scheme specifications and investors to maximise their tax breaks. Consult with us today!

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FAQs for EIS and SEIS Services

Whilst HMRC guidelines prohibit raising SEIS and EIS on the same day, many companies opt to pursue both funding options simultaneously by issuing SEIS shares first, followed by EIS shares at least a day later to ensure compliance.

To benefit from SEIS tax relief, they should not be employees or hold a substantial stake (over 30%) in the company, and there is an annual investment cap of £200,000 per investor for SEIS-eligible companies.

Most types of businesses are eligible for SEIS and EIS funding, with exceptions including those heavily involved in excluded activities like land or commodity trading, banking, insurance, or moneylending.

Yes, SEIS is considered a de minimis State aid among various venture capital trust schemes. However, it is important to note that EIS and VCTs are approved State aids, and SITR combines both notified State aid and de minimis State aid elements, depending on the investment circumstances.

SEIS is tailored for early-stage startups, whilst EIS is designed for scaleups. Both SEIS and EIS offer tax benefits that make investing in startups and scaleups more attractive for investors, providing them with tax breaks on their investments in your business.
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