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Legend Unite is a humanitarian organisation established in 2021 with genuine compassion for the underprivileged people of the nation, tapping into the resources and expertise of people from all walks of life who have the heart to bring positive change into the world. Firmly believing that “sharing is caring,” each of our sister companies spends 1% of its total earnings every month and most of our employees donate through salary deductions all for this cause.

Visit our website at www.legendunite.org

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If you want to contribute to our mission, you can reach us at info@legendunite.org or our nationwide number 0330 236 9332.


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    Fahad is a Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA), proficient in numeracy and impassioned with giving concise advice to a wide range of clients related to different industries. With an immense experience of over a decade, he has worked as an advisor on different projects run by audit giants like Deloitte and others. He is a firm believer in mutual growth and an established culture of embracing change.

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