Expanded Insulation Scheme; Households Might Save £310 Per Year

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Written by: Liez Comendador
Expanded Insulation Scheme; Households Might Save £310 Per Year

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The government provides an expanded programme to insulate Britain’s draughtiest homes, helping households potentially save up to £310 per year. Beginning in the spring of 2023, it will invest £1 billion on incentives for households with low energy efficiency ratings and lower council tax categories.

The statement says that households need to check first whether their energy provider or council is participating or not, making some question why the funds wouldn’t be readily accessible throughout the winter.

The ECO+ programme will enable homeowners who do not currently receive any other government assistance, according to the Department for Business, Energy, Industry and Skills (BEIS), to upgrade their homes.

Households in lower council tax bands could save up to £310 per year

The current average cost per household is around £1,500. The grants will assist families in paying for reasonable upgrades like loft and cavity wall insulation. A new £18 million informational campaign will also give tips on how to consume less energy at home “without sacrificing comfort,” as BEIS states it.

Some of the government’s advice to save energy without sacrificing comfort include the following:

  1. Lowering boiler’s “flow temperature” to 60C from 75C. On the front of the boiler, there is typically a dial that needs to be adjusted. It won’t affect the temperature a room is heated to, but it can prolong the time it takes for the room to heat up.
  2. Lowering the heat in vacant rooms.
  3. Reducing the property’s heat loss by draught-proofing the windows and doors.

Insulations Measures

These are the extent of savings households can make for a three-bed semidetached home:
Measure Cost Saving
Cavity Wall Insulation
Loft Insulation
Draught Proofing

People in social housing, with low incomes, and with fuel shortages are the focus of an existing ECO programme. However, those who live in private, rented, or social housing and whose dwellings have an energy efficiency grade of D or lower are eligible for assistance under the extended programme. A is the best ranking for energy efficiency, and G is the worst.

Applicants must reside in homes within the council tax categories A to D. Your energy provider will conduct a survey and pay for the upgrades if you qualify for assistance. Despite favouring middle-class families, the government claims that the neediest households will get around a fifth of the new £1 billion in support.


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