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Avoid last-minute panic by preparing your self assessment tax return earlier. Many self-employed individuals in the UK have been doing so, and it is not for nought! The earlier you complete your HMRC self assessment tax return, the more you can take advantage of income and capital gains tax allowances and reliefs. Knowing how much tax you owe will surely give you peace of mind, as you can allocate your expenses better throughout the year.


Leading Self Assessment Tax Return Services in the UK

At Legend Financial, our main goal is to help every self employed be compliant with HMRC regulations, in which topmost obligation is preparing the annual tax return self assessment. Our self employed self assessment services will help you maximise your income, as we plan way ahead, include all your eligible allowances, reliefs, and benefits deductions, and get any refunds sooner if you are owed one.

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Self Assessment Tax Return Services

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FAQs for Self Assessment Tax Return Services

Make sure you have the following information on hand to streamline the self assessment process: your Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR), Government Gateway ID, activation code (for your first UK self assessment), National Insurance number, invoices or payment receipts, income from other jobs (e.g., P60, dividend income, etc.), your salary details, etc. 

You can claim various allowable expenses, including office costs (e.g., stationery and phone bills), travel costs (e.g., fuel, parking, or public transport fares), clothing expenses (e.g., uniforms), staff costs (e.g., salaries and subcontractor expenses), and items purchased for resale (e.g., stock or raw materials). 

Self assessment tax is not mandatory for most taxpayers because they are subject to taxation at the source, where tax is already deducted from income (e.g., wages under the Pay As You Earn PAYE system or UK bank loan interest). This means you typically do not need to complete a tax self assessment return.

It is important to register for self assessment with HMRC by the 5th of October following the tax year in which your income or gains initially occurred to avoid potential penalties. Even if you have reported a property disposal within 60 days, you might still need to complete a separate registration for self assessment. 

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