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Every minute is precious when running a business. Legend Financial understands this the most. Our company secretarial services let you focus on what is most important, as our designated company secretary takes charge of all your governance duties. Leave the time-consuming administrative tasks to us!

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Legend Financial has been providing secretarial support to various companies for twelve years, so we have all the equipment needed for corporate secretarial services. You need not install software or train anyone to do the job—our accountants offer a full suite of company secretary services in the UK. Rest assured, we will eliminate every potential risk in your business and streamline all your administrative tasks.

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Company Secretarial Services

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FAQs for Corporate Secretarial Services

The company secretary is responsible for tasks such as filing and registering documents on the company’s behalf, maintaining secretarial records, contracts, and statutory registers, organising meetings, and managing share-related activities, including transfers and transmissions. 

Company secretaries hold more than just an employee role; they are considered executive officer of the company, and they are subject to regulations within the Companies House Act jurisdictions and other laws, often on par with managers, managing directors, and directors. 

A good in-house secretary advocates consistent qualities such as good behaviour, diligence, obedience, loyalty, and courtesy. Additionally, enforcing information security, having knowledge of IT security, and keeping company secrets overall is crucial, as the secretary’s ethical conduct directly influences the company’s reputation. 

Whilst it is typically considered good governance to have separate individuals for these roles, in some instances, particularly within non-profit organisations or family offices, the CEO may also hold the position of company secretary.  

If you are considering the best degree to be a registered agent for company secretarial services UK, pursuing an MBA, Master of Business Administration, is a strong option. Specifically, an MBA in Corporate Governance equips you with a comprehensive grasp of social and governance principles and practices, enhancing your effectiveness in the role of a company secretary. 

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