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Under the Pensions Act 2008, employers are obliged to provide all their employees with a reliable pension scheme at all costs. Postponement may be allowed, but you will still have to get back to when an employee started. With all the other crucial matters in your business, leave this task to Legend Financial. Our auto enrolment accountants have been doing the work on behalf of many companies from various industries for more than a decade.

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Pension auto-enrolment is a very time-consuming and complex task to accomplish accurately without experience. Spare yourself from this arduous job. Legend Financial’s auto enrolment for accountants is one of a kind in the UK. As we manage the pension auto enrolment console on your behalf, we give your workers an opportunity to use employee self-service, enhancing transparency in your pension processes. See how we make this task look easy!

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In the UK, if you earn over £10,000 a year, your employer will automatically enroll you in a workplace pension, with contributions starting on earnings over £5,772 and capping at £41,865 (subject to potential adjustments). 

If you are considered a “worker” and fall within the age range of 22 to state pension age, your employer is required to automatically enrol you in a pension scheme and contribute to your pension.

You may not be eligible for auto-enrolment if you fall into the category of non-eligible jobholders, which includes individuals between 16 and 21 or those between the state pension age (67) and 74, earn an annual salary exceeding £10,000, and primarily work in the UK. 

If you are enrolled automatically, you will not have to take any action unless you choose to opt out. Your employer is responsible for making the minimum mandatory contributions to your pension, and typically, you will also make contributions, which will be deducted from your salary. 

You have a one-month window to opt out of auto-enrolment, and if you do so during this period, any contributions you have made to your pension will be returned to you. However, if you choose to opt out after the initial month, your payments will remain in your pension fund, intended for your retirement, and will not be refunded.
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