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It is a well-known fact that startups usually fail in their first year, unless they make their business’ backbone a priority—accounting. Do not fall into the trap of skimping on accountancy services London only to find yourself facing the most dreaded bottlenecks in the end. Search accounting services near me and you will find Legend Financial, a reputable accounting firm in the UK that offers a very market-competitive fee!

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Introducing the Most Trusted Accountancy Firm in the UK

When you google accounting company near me looking for the most trustworthy accountant in Stratford, there is one thing you should note—their experience in the field. Legend Financial has more than a decade of experience providing in-person and online accountancy services in Stratford alongside several other offices spread throughout the UK. From bookkeeping to preparing financial statements and reports, our Stratford accountants will streamline them all.

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Sit back and watch how we efficiently sort out your accounts.

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Our decade of experience and number of projects completed speak for us—Legend Financial has positioned itself as one of the most renowned accounting firms in the UK. It comes as no surprise that our clients remain with us for years—we get the job done quickly and efficiently. Their success becomes our success, too.
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Why Choose Legend Financial for Accountancy Services

The Most Trusted Taxation Services in the UK

Optimised Tax Compliance

Our designated Stratford accountant manager will not let you fall behind tax arrears—we prepare them ahead of time.

Precise Financial Reports

Stay in touch with your business’ financial health as we collate insightful internal data that you can access anytime.

Streamlined Payroll

Prevent fraud and maximise accuracy in your workforce payroll. Sit back as Legend Financial does the complex task.

Tax Enquiries Answered in Details

FAQs for Accounting Services

You will have to create the three most crucial reports for your business’ finances—balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement—through accounting software and/or with the help of an outsourced CFO accountant.

Secure a journal that records every transaction as they occur. For precision, hire a bookkeeper to keep a ledger, which is the book used to organise all the journals’ transactions.

Yes, as those records will be used as a reference for financial reporting, proper compliance with taxes, and more, as well as cut short potential fraud.

There are many ways to make accounting records accurate, including recording every bill, accounts payable, receipt, and more, saving all data in a cloud, and, most importantly, outsourcing in-house accountants to do the complex job.

Ask how big their firm is, their years of experience in your niche, if freelancers were outsourcing them before, their services charge or pricing, and more.



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