When you singlehandedly run a business, you may be unable to allocate time for other crucial aspects, especially your employees’ payroll, which involves not only wages but also accurate employment tax, payroll deductions, work hours or overtime tracking, and more. Having fewer employees does not mean easier payroll either, which is why payroll outsourcing comes in very handy. A payroll outsourcing company will let you spend more time on what matters most. Legend Financial, a leading payroll services company in the UK, has your back!

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Rather than juggling budget, payments, payroll taxes, and all the other time-consuming HR work, opt for payroll outsourcing services so that you can focus more on growing your business. When you google payroll services near me, you will find Legend Financial. We are one of the most trusted payroll companies in the UK, as we not only take care of accuracy in paychecks but also taxes and other matters.

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FAQs for Payroll Management Services

Hiring a payroll company, be sure to learn about their scope of services, data protection and security, local compliance, performance metrics visibility, and HRIS integration. 

Outsourcing payroll management means you leave the task to a third-party provider that will run your payroll, manage your taxes, ensure your compliance with UK regulations, and assist with data security and unemployment insurance claims. 

Common payroll risks include underpayments, recordkeeping and payslip errors, tax and entitlement issues, employee classification problems, fraud, inadequate security and backups, and reliance on a single employee. 

Consider implementing internal payroll controls such as payroll audits, an automated time and attendance system, segregation of duties, controlled access to the payroll system, training on payroll diversion scams, maintaining a dedicated payroll bank account, exercising check signing authority, and regularly verifying pay rates. 

To ensure the accuracy of your payroll, follow these payroll audit procedures. First, review the list of employees on your payroll and analyze the numbers. Then, verify that time is correctly labelled, reconcile your payroll, and confirm the accuracy of tax withholdings, remittances, and reports.

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When it comes to tax, accounting, and business development services, we have paid our dues and really know our stuff. We get the job done promptly and efficiently, from accounts preparation to tax returns. Legend Financial takes pride in its cornerstone tax advisors. Only the best gets to work on your tax, accounting, and business affairs. We are all chartered accountants sharing the same mission—to help with your personal finances and your business to succeed.



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